Fifa announces GoalControl as providers of goal-line technology

Fifa have surprisingly named the German system GoalControl as the provider of goal-line technology at the 2013 Confederations Cup ahead of the British system Hawk-Eye and three other systems. GoalControl was only given an official license a month ago, and was picked to be the provider of goal-line tech for the 2013 Confederations cup and subject to testing the 2014 World Cup, ahead of Hawk-Eye GoalRef and Cairos.

“Provided that the performance of the system during this year’s Festival of Champions meets all necessary FIFA requirements (GoalControl will be used at the 2014 World Cup),” a Fifa statement said.

“While all four companies had previously met the stringent technical requirements of the Fifa quality program, the final decision was based on criteria relating more specifically to the tournaments in Brazil, including the company’s ability to adapt to local conditions and the compatibility of each GLT system in relation to Fifa match operations.

“The respective bids were also judged Continue reading


England fans reported over racist chants at Ferdinand brothers

Fifa have received an official complaint from Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) regarding racist chants aimed towards Rio and Anton Ferdinand during England’s 8-0 win over San Marino in a World Cup qualifier.  It is understood that allegations are towards sections of England fans during the match, and FARE have admitted they had no eyewitnesses at the match, and that their allegations are partly based on media comments.  The English FA could face large fine if the supporters are found guilty, as did the Serbian FA for racist abuse in their U-21 match against England.

FARE tweeted, “FARE has sent reports of racist or xenophobic abuse at three #FIFA WC qualifiers on 22/3/13: Croatia v Serbia, Poland v Ukraine and San Marino v England.”

“Although we did not have observers at the match we have pulled together evidence sent to us including media comment and have passed that on to Fifa,” FARE’s executive director Piara Powar said.  “I think that it’s one of those things that is very subtle. We would say racism and other forms of discrimination is not always banana-throwing and monkey chants. The people collating the reports believed it is strong enough to send on to Fifa. From the reports we have seen I personally think there was an undercurrent of race there, and other people have thought that it has been imbued with racist overtones.”

Racist chants during the match were aimed at Manchester United center-back Rio Ferdinand and his brother, Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand.  Rio had been called up to the England squad for the first time since 2011 by manager Roy Hodgson, but withdrew from the squad due to his “pre-planned training program.”  The thirty-four-year-old was in Qatar fulfilling television commitments during the match.

A FARE spokeswomen told the Daily Mail, “It (the complaint) refers to the racist abuse Rio Ferdinand received, along with his brother Anton.

“We don’t make the judgement. We send a report to FIFA but in the end it’s their decision whether they open proceedings or not. And whether they issue a fine or not.”

The English FA has not yet made an official comment.

Spain stays atop new FIFA World Ranking

The March FIFA World Rankings have been released, with the only movement in the top ten ranked nations being Columbia rising above Portugal to take sixth place.  Spain, Germany and Argentina are still the top three nations with 1610, 1473 and 1309 points, but England and Italy are close behind them in fourth and fifth place.  The top movers were Afghanistan who moved up 48 places from 189th to 141st, and India who moved up 24 places from 167th to 143rd.  The worst movers were Sudan, who fell 23 places to 127th, and Chad fell 22 places to 162nd.  The worst teams have stayed the same, with San Marino, Bhutan and the Turks and Caicos Islands all on zero points, but San Marino have a (slim) chance to move up places in their match against England on March 22.  Here are the rankings at

Fifa approve goal-line technology for 2014 World Cup

Fifa have announced the use of goal-line technology at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, after its successful test at the 2012 Club World Cup.  They have invited the goal-line technology providers to submit bids for who will supply the system, which will also be used at the 2013 Confederations Cup, starting on June 15.

“After a successful implementation of goal-line technology (GLT) at the Fifa Club World Cup in Japan in December 2012, Fifa has decided to use GLT at the Fifa Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 and 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil,” said a statement on the Fifa website.  “The aim is to use GLT in order to support the match officials and to install a system in all stadia, pending the successful installation, and pre-match referee tests.”

Fifa have already approved two different goal-line systems, Hawk-Eye and GoalRef, which are meant to help the referee make a tough decision, and they are inviting other providers to tender their bids.