Mancini claims United don’t deserve their fifteen point lead

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has fanned the flames ahead of Monday’s Manchester derby, claiming that Manchester United don’t deserve their fifteen point gap above City at the top of the Premier League table.  He also claimed that the table was not a good reflection of the season.

“We don’t deserve to be 15 points behind,” Mancini said. “United have played very well and won a lot of games.

“They are unbeaten in their last 18 games in the Premier League. Their last defeat was at Norwich.

“So they deserve to stay at the top. But not by 15 points. It’s not a true table.

“Now we have eight games left. If we play well and win a lot of those games, maybe we can reduce the gap. This should be our target at the moment.”

City, who will go to Old Trafford for the first time since their memorable 6-1 win last season, are fifteen points behind United in second place in the Premier League.  Mancini has claimed that the reason City are so far behind United is that they have not scored as many goal as they did last season, when they captured their first Premier League title for 44 years.

“The difference is that we score 20 goals less than last year,” he said. “This is the only difference: we score less goals than last year. We concede the same and we have the best defense, we are missing only these goals. We had a lot of injuries, we lost Sergio [Aguero], we lost Mario [Balotelli, injured and then sold]. Mario scored 15 goals last season.”

A win on Monday would slightly close the gap between the two clubs, there is little City can do to stop United from winning their thirteenth Premier League title.  Mancini has also said there it is highly improbable of City repeating their 6-1 thrashing of United, saying: “This is impossible. This can happen [once] every 100 years.”

Mancini claims United don't deserve to fifteen points above City

Mancini claims United don’t deserve to fifteen points above City


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