Friday Match Roundup

Today there have been some great matches, all World Cup qualifiers.  So here are the scores.

World Cup Qualifying- UEFA
Bulgaria 6-0 Malta
Croatia 2-0 Serbia- Croatia beat Serbia in the first time match between the two nations in which Serbia is an independent nation
Slovenia 1-2 Iceland
Kazakhstan 0-3 Germany
Norway 0-1 Albania
Andorra 0-2 Turkey
Liechtenstein 1-1 Latvia
Slovakia 1-1 Lithuania
Austria 6-0 Faroe Islands
Czech Republic 0-3 Denmark
Hungary 2-2 Romania
Netherlands 3-0 Estonia
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-1 Greece
Macedonia 0-2 Belgium
Spain 1-1 Finland- Finland secure a massive draw against Wold Champions Spain
Sweden 0-0 Ireland
France 3-1 Georgia
San Marino 0-8 England- England romp San Marino 8-0 away from home
Scotland 1-2 Wales
Israel 3-3 Portugal- Israel manage a good draw against Portugal
Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan
Moldova 0-1 Montenegro
Poland 1-3 Ukraine

World Cup Qualifying- CONMEBOL
Colombia 5-0 Bolivia
Uruguay 1-1 Paraguay
Argentina 3-0 Venezuela
Peru 1-0 Chile

World Cup Qualifying- CONCACAF
Honduras 2-2 Mexico
Jamaica 1-1 Panama
United States 1-0 Costa Rica- The US slimy beat Costa Rica to take them into third place in the CONCACAF qualifying group

World Cup Qualifying- OFC
New Zealand 2-1 New Caledonia

International Friendly
Japan 2-1 Canada


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