West Brom fine Odemwingie over Twitter outburst

West Bromwich Albion forward Peter Odemwingie has been fined two weeks wages (a total of £76,000) by the West Brom board following a outburst on Twitter. The Nigerian international accused the club were “threatening to ruin (his) career” by not letting him move to Queens Park Rangers and heavily criticized them for leaving him on the bench for the last four games. “Keeping me on the bench now is worst than what they did on the 31st,” Odemwingie tweeted.

“If they like they shouldn’t even give me 10 mins to play. Threatening to ruin my career? Career I closed already last summer? No harm to me.”

Odemwingie tried to leave West Brom in the January transfer widow, but the club didn’t let him, and the player has been fined a total of £160,000 by the club for various incidents since then. The thirty-one-year-old was told “you should be sacked,” by one West Brom fan, and in reply Odemwingie said “that’s my wish.”


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