Rooney will not leave, says Ferguson

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that Wayne Rooney will not leave the club despite being omitted from Ferguson’s first team squad for United’s Champions League match against Real Madrid.   The match was United’s most important game of their season so far, and Rooney being replaced by Danny Welbeck in the starting lineup started rumors that the English international would leave in the summer.  But Sir Alex has squashed those rumors saying that the twenty-seven-year-old will stay with the club.  If true, that implies that Rooney could be awarded with a new contract in the summer (as he enters the final two years of his current contract), because of United’s policy to not let players enter the final year of their contract due to their market value decreasing.

“He will be here next year, you have my word on that,” Ferguson said in his Friday morning press conference. “There is no issue between myself and Wayne Rooney. To suggest we don’t talk is nonsense. He understood the reasons completely.”

“I don’t know this situation. I can understand maybe Rooney would be upset if he didn’t play but these are things that can happen in every team. After one week it is finished.”

Ferguson has said that Rooney will play in United’s FA Cup Quarterfinal match against Chelsea, but the Scot did not say whether Rooney would be starting “Why should I help anyone by telling them my team? We don’t do that,” Ferguson said. “But Wayne does need a lot of football. He has always been that type. That has always been the case.”

Before Ferguson stopped the rumors on Friday, it was believed that Rooney would leave United in the summer for somewhere in the region of £25 million and that Rooney would be asking for a contract of around £300,000 a week.  His main suitors would have been Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain who all could afford him, but Manchester City (who tried hard to buy him in the 2010/2011 season) could be priced out this time due to Uefa’s financial fair play relegation’s.


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