MOTD preview- Manchester United vs Real Madrid

The match that everybody has been waiting for since the two teams were drawn together in December is here, and the Uefa Champions League Round of 16 second leg of Manchester United’s tie against Real Madrid at Old Trafford is sure to be amazing.  The first leg was excitingly played out to a 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu, which means Madrid need a win or scored draw of 2-2 or more, and United need a win or 0-0 draw to advance to the Quarterfinals.  The odds slightly favor Madrid to win, but United have it easier in order of advancing.  Both sides have been on exceptional form, winning all of their last five games not including the first leg of the tie.  The two teams have also both been on excellent scoring form, with Madrid scoring fifteen goals in their last eight games and United scoring eighteen, and the match is expected to be full of goals.

Both sides top scores, Cristiano Ronaldo for Madrid and Robin van Persie for United, will be looking to get on the scoreboard with Ronaldo scoring forty-one goals so far this season and van Persie scoring twenty-three.  But those two players are not their teams only attacking options, with both sides having four main forwards and an attacking minded midfield.  The two teams will have completely different tactics, with United trying to close down Ronaldo and get an early goal, and Madrid trying to exploit the wings and get Ronaldo to find United’s weak points.  But whoever wins the match is sure to be exciting, so look out for my full time review of it, right here on Football Every Day!


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