Match-day Musings: What’s next for Chelsea

Chelsea, one of the best teams in the world, were heavily criticized this week by their coach Rafa Benitez. He said that he will leave them in the summer, and criticized their fans and also indirectly owner Roman Abramovich . But with Benitez leaving in the summer, who will coach Chelsea? Another risk is that the club is still battling for Champions League qualification, a requirement for most world class coaches and players.

At first it appeared that they had set their sights Pep Gaurdiola, but he announced that he will coach German club Bayern Munich when he returns to coaching in the summer. Another good candidate, Jose Mourinho, is probably out of their reach to, and in my view, he will most likely move to wealthy Paris Saint-Germain. After those two they don’t have a clear choice coach, and that brings up the question “who will coach them next season?

There is the remote possibility of their former coach, Roberto Di Mateo, who was sacked by Abramovich only six months after winning the Champions League, could return, and would be a popular choice with the fans, but Abramovich likely still wants a more high profile manager. But in my view, Chelsea’s best chance comes in the shape of Jurgen Klopp who currently coaches Borussia Dortmund. He won two consecutive league titles with them, and led Dortmund from being a middle of the table club to a side competing in the Champions League, and could be a perfect fit for them.

But in my opinion Chelsea’s reputation has been somewhat tainted no matter whom they appoint, and the Benitez attack certainly did not help. They recently beat West Bromwich Albion though, but scarcely and, only won off a Demba Ba strike in the twenty-seventh minute. But even if they recover from Benitez’s comments, if they do not achieve Champions League qualification it is hard to see any world class coaches wanting to coach them.


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