Benitez gets Chelsea backing despite rant

Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez has gained the backing of the London based club saying it is “business as usual” despite criticizing the Chelsea fans and owner Roman Abramovich following Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Middlesbrough.  The European Champions will not sack the Spaniard immediately though, but will let him go when his contract ends in the summer.

After Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Middlesbrough on Wednesday Benitez slammed the Chelsea fans for still not giving him their backing, and said he was surprised with the club for using the word “interim” in his title.  He also confirmed that he will be leaving the club when his contract expires this summer after hinting that he would leave a few days ago.

“I have a title. Someone decided the title would be ‘interim’. Why? Just in case? If they want to blame me for everything that is wrong and then they say, ‘We will put interim just in case’, fine, that is your decision.”  Benitez said.

“I don’t agree but it’s your decision and now everybody has to take responsibility. If we are in the Champions League, I will be the happiest man in the world.”

“But I will leave anyway because I have finished my contract, so they [his critics] don’t need to be worried about me. What they have to do is concentrate on supporting the team.”

“I have a contract until the end of the season, that’s it, so they don’t need to be worried about me.”

Benitez was chanted against by Chelsea supporters in their game against Middlesbrough, but more subdued than the chants when he first took over for Roberto Di Matteo in November.  The fifty-two-year-old has been subject to many different chants since he took over at Chelsea because of his success as a manager at Liverpool, some directed to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich like “We want Di Matteo”.  He recently denied a that he had lost control of the Chelsea dressing room, but acknowledged that their had been an “exchange of opinions” after Chelsea’s 2-0 loss to Manchester City in the Premier League.


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