Bale playes down Ronaldo comparisons

Tottenham Hotspur star Gareth Bale has played down suggestions that he is on of the worlds best players, despite being on the best form of his life.  The twenty-three-year old has already scored twenty-three goals this season, said that he is flattered to be compared with some of the worlds best players, mainly Cristiano Ronaldo.  The Welshman also said that he does not model his game on Ronaldo, despite having similar styles.

“I think anybody would love to be mentioned alongside the best in the world,” Bale told Sport Magazine. “It’s flattering but I don’t really look too much into it. I don’t get the newspapers or read too many reports, so I don’t really know how much hype there is. My friends tell me things but I just treat every day as normal and focus on my job.

“I don’t model my game on Ronaldo’s. I have my own way of playing and it’s not exactly the same but we do have similar attributes. I just like watching the best players: seeing Messi and Ronaldo. I’ve watched Ronaldo in the past and you do take things from other people’s games to try to improve as a player.”

Bale credited Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas to have much to do with his amazing form though, saying their is a lot more tactical work in his style than in former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp’s, which has helped Tottenham.

“Harry was more ‘go out there and play how you feel and express yourself’. With André, there’s a certain shape and a style we play,” Bale commented. “I think Harry was more free and let you do what you want. André does that too but there’s a lot more tactical work. I think it’s something that’s good to learn. We’ve done well this year and I think that’s down to our defending as well as attacking.”

Despite being slow to get going, Bale has proved to be one of the best players in the English Premier League this season, scoring some superb dipping shots, mainly freekicks.  He also scored Tottenham’s injury time winner against West Ham and the winger is said to be Real Madrid’s main transfer target in the summer, and may replace Cristiano Ronaldo.


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