Midweek Musings: Barcelona’s woes

Barcelona, dubbed the best team in the world for the last five years, have recently been on catastrophic form, and some are already calling it “the end of an era”.  But that is overreacting in my view, as there are many reasons why Barca could be on bad form:  their coach, Tito Vilanova has been in New York getting treatment for his relapse of cancer and Barca’s bad form started when he left.  It could be that they are fatigued as they have played three games in the last week.  It could be that the opposition teams can too easily predict how they will play.

But it is most likely a combination of all of them, and once Tito is back and they sign somebody like Brazilian star Neymar or on form Gareth Bale to mix up their style of play a bit, the problem could be resolved.  Still, there are doubts about that too, as shown when Barca brought on David Villa to add to their points of attack against Real Madrid, but the substitution failed to make an impact.  So that brings up the question, is it really an end of an era, or just a bad streak in in a sensational run?

It is almost positively just a bad run, and with their vulnerable defense getting pounded by counterattacking teams like AC Milan in Barca’s 2-0 loss at the San Siro, despite Barca dominating possession, it is most likely that they need to mix up their style and the addition of Gareth Bale or Neymar could be the perfect fit for them.

They are currently top of the La Liga table, but are out of the Copa del Rey with a 3-1 loss to Real Madrid at the Nou Camp.  They also are most likely out of the Champions League after losing to 2-0 AC Milan in the first leg of their tie.


4 thoughts on “Midweek Musings: Barcelona’s woes

  1. When Pep was coach, they would each year refer to a dip in fitness in February as they tried to time their peak for the end of year Cup and League run-in. It looks like that strategy might have bit them this time around. Also, you have to think the coach issue has played a role. Finally, it mystifies me that they don’t use David Villa more.

  2. Yeah they do take a dip in form, but they usually are not phased by it. This it has really affected them though and the 3-1 loss against Madrid sure didn’t help.

  3. Definitely a disastrous week for the Blaugrana. A complete lack of energy, which combined with their season-long defensive frailty, doesn’t get you anything in big matches. If they weren’t so far ahead in the league I’d worry they on this form they could lose that as well, but thankfully the gap is very wide. I think their squad is stale this year – Jordi Alba was a nice addition, but Alex Song didn’t help. I am also bewildered about their lack of confidence in David Villa – Pedro and Alexis certainly haven’t shown the type of form that deserves a place ahead of a player like Villa.

    For me, the lack of new ideas is most troubling – their competition have evolved their playing styles specifically to counter Barca’s dominance, but Barca hasn’t matched it this year by adding anything new, and it shows. Nevertheless, “the end of an era” that the Madridista journalists are proclaiming is classic hyperbole, as all it takes with the current Barca squad is some tweaking – the spine of the team (Messi, Iniesta, Busquets, Cesc, Pique) are all still in their prime.

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