MOTD preview- Queens Park Rangers vs Manchester United

This Premier League match between Queens Park Rangers and Manchester United is an important match for both clubs, with Manchester United looking to go fifteen points above rivals Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table, and Queens Park looking to get a valuable three points in their relegation struggle.  When the teams met earlier in the season United won 3-1, and QPR will have their work cut out for themselves, because they have not beaten United since 1992.

The two teams currently sit at opposite ends of the Premier League table with QPR forty-eight points behind United in last place. QPR still have a chance though, because one of their two wins came against third place Chelsea away at Stamford Bridge.  United will be hoping that their top scorer Robin van Persie can get on the score sheet, who will be trying to terrorize QPR’s weak defense along with Javier Hernandez who is set to replace Wayne Rooney, who will miss the game due to a sinus infection.  Even without Rooney the game is sure to be loaded with goals, so  look out for my halftime and full time reviews, right here on Football Every Day!


One thought on “MOTD preview- Queens Park Rangers vs Manchester United

  1. I am very excited about this match. Many have lost interest in Manchester United’s run in the PL after their 12 point lead. It makes it much easier for them now. But this weekend’s match is going to be very exciting. Manchester United is leading, and even though QPR is among the bottom few, they have been playing really well in their last couple of matches. They took down Chelsea, and drew against the title defenders Manchester City. That’s just a message that United shouldn’t take them for granted this time.

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