United chief executive steps aside

Manchester United chief executive David Gill has stepped down from his post eleven years after he was appointed.  The fifty-five year old will be replaced by forty year old Ed Woodward, United’s current executive vice-chairman, on June 30.  Although Gill will remain a director for the club, he will attempt to become the English FA’s representative for the Uefa executive committee.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that Gill’s stepping down is a “big loss to me” but that it encourages him that Gill will stay as a director.

“Him steeping down is a big loss for me but the fact that he is staying on the board encourages me that the reason for his departure is  heartfelt- that he believes it is time for the club to move on,” Ferguson commented.

“If I could have found a way of persuading him to stay I would love to have done that.  But he has made his decision and I respect him for it.  He has been, and will continue to be, a fantastic success for Manchester United.  He has all the qualities of successful people ingrained in him: energy, honesty, integrity, personality and decision making ability.  I wish him well in whatever new challenges he will tackle in the future.”


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