Mancini to leave out underperformers for FA Cup tie

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has announced that he will only play players who are ready to fight until the end of the season after City’s 3-1 loss at Southampton last weekend.  Mancini was furious with the players attitude during the game, which leaves them twelve points behind Manchester United after United’s 2-0 against Everton.  He has said that he will make many changes to his squad for their FA Cup tie against Leeds United on Sunday, and one of them could be midfielder James Milner who was only substituted on against Southampton.  Mancini expressed his disappointment to the Manchester Evening News “I’m sure we will change that, (their attitude towards the match) because I will change players next week.

“I only want players who are ready to fight in the last twelve games. (of the season) I am very angry with a lot of my players, and very dissappointed at the performance, because it is impossible to play the way we did.

“We didn’t fight for every ball.  We can’t always win by playing well – that is normal.  Sometimes we play well and win, but you also need to be able to win because you fight for every ball, and fight against an opponent who also wants to win the game.

“Every team that plays against us treats it like a Champions League final, but we should know this, it is normal.”

Mancini will have to get his team back on track soon though, as there are only twelve matches left in the season.


3 thoughts on “Mancini to leave out underperformers for FA Cup tie

  1. What a dismal performance by City this weekend. And even more depressing that we’re out of the Champions League and have to watch that go on without us again now.

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