MOTD preview- Nigeria vs Burkina Faso

The African Cup of Nations concludes with this match, the final between Nigeria and Burkina Faso. The tournament has been full of surprises, which carried on to the final, as Burkina Faso’s odds for winning the tournament at the start was 120/1. Nigeria also are a surprise, but the odds are in their favor to win the tournament, and they are looking to win the tournament for the third time. They amazingly have taken third place in four out of the last six tournaments, in 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2010. The feat was recently threatened though, as Mali just got their second third place finish in a row. Burkina Faso do have a chance though, as proven by last years final, which was won by Zambia against a highly favored Ivory Coast in a memorable game. This years finalists both came from Group C, and when they played each other they drew 1-1, with Burkina Faso grabbing an injury-time equalizer. Whoever wins though, the game will be a great finish to a great tournament, so look out for my full time review of the game, right here on Football Every Day!


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