African Cup of Nations

This year’s African Cup of Nations group stage has been very exciting. The Cup is being hosted by South Africa, and the stadium that will host the final is the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. The favorites to win the tournament are Ivory Coast, who successfully won Group D with seven points from their three games.  Behind Ivory Coast in Group D was Togo, who reached the Quarterfinals for the first time in their country’s history. The returning champions Zambia have failed to qualify from their group, Group C, behind Burkina Faso and Nigeria with three points.  Hosts South Africa topped their group, (Group A), with five points, and behind them minnows Cape Verde have reached the Quarterfinals in their first ever appearance in the ANC.  Ghana have topped Group B with seven points, and behind them came Mali with four points.  The Quarterfinals are set to be exciting, with the biggest match being Ivory Coast vs Nigeria.  But the 2013 group stage will be the part of the tournament that will go down in history for many nations, so here are the groups results.

Group A          Played  Points
South Africa      3            5
Cape Verde        3            5
Morocco             3            3
Angola                3            1

Group B
          Played  Points
Ghana                 3            7
Mali                     3            4
DR Congo          3            3
Niger                  3             1

Group C          Played  Points
Burkina Faso    3             5
Nigeria               3             5
Zambia              3              3
Ethiopia            3              1

Group D          Played  Points
Ivory Coast        3            7
Togo                    3            4
Tunisia               3            4
Algeria                3            1


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