FA Cup Round 4 Scores

The FA Cup fourth round has been great.  From Luton Town beating Norwich, to Arsenals 3-2 win verses Brighton, the football has been fantastic to watch.  Here are the scores of all them.

The Upsets
Queens Park Rangers 2-3 Milton Keynes Dons
Norwich City 0-1 Luton Town
Hull City 0-1 Barnsley:
Brentford 2-2 Chelsea:
Leeds United 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur
Oldham Athletic 3-2 Liverpool

The Foreseeables
Stoke City 0-1 Manchester City
Reading 4-0 Sheffield United

The “Almosts”
Brighton & Hove Albion 2-3 Arsenal
Macclesfield Town 0-1 Wigan Athletic
Middlesbrough 2-1 Aldersot Town

The Regulars
Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Everton
Derby County 0-3 Blackburn Rovers
Huddersfield Town 1-1 Leicester City
Manchester United 4-1 Fulham


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